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     First, let me - space coast t escort reviews
    First, let me say that I don't have a very good track record of finding women in my local area (Melboure, Florida) that suit my needs. The same goes for Orlando. I don't know what it is about my area. You'd think that Orlando, being the hottest international destination in the world, would be a mecca for great escorts... but sadly, no. I usually have to travel to south Florida to find great quality women. Over the years, I've found a couple of excellent women in my local area, but they are difficult to find. When I find a great local woman, I see her regularly until she quits the business. I've certainly put at least one woman through college! But... I digress... I had a rare opportunity to be alone at home. I searched locally, and I found Cindy's advertisement to be very interesting. Her pictures show a very hot young 28-year-old woman who fits the bill. The one and only review on this site said that her pictures were accurate, and that her performance was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. As the previous reviewer stated, it wasn't easy to reach Cindy (which adds to the mystique that she is in demand). After finally speaking with her, I chose to distribute my money locally instead of travelling south. I specifically asked Cindy if her photos were recent and accurate. She replied that they were. Well... I'm here to tell you... they are neither recent nor accurate. The previous reviewer must wear rose colored glasses and he must smoke some really awesome weed before visiting escorts. I would have loved to meet Cindy 10 years ago (when her photos were shot). That said, I also must tell you that Cindy is cool, fun, and easy to talk to. She had a child about 5 months ago, and it shows. She still has an inverted navel (an outtie) from the pregnancy. She hasn't lost all of the weight she gained during the pregnancy. She is definitely NOT 28 years old as her ad says. She was born in 1975 (I asked). That makes her 38 as of the date of this review. Her breasts are very nice for her actual age, but she's definitely not 28. However, I must add that I enjoyed my time with her. She wasn't what I was looking for. I like young, fit women who are just old enough to provide excellent service... but she was fun, cool, easy to talk to. I've had a VERY interesting life. Many of my experiences are shocking to normal people. Cindy and I connected. She understood all of the crazy situations I've been in. I like her personality. But, sadly, she's not regular girl material for me. She has a beautiful face, beautiful hair, and she gives very good service. Her oral skills are definitely in the top 10% of local providers.


    Anonymouson 10th July 2013 · space coast, florida· escort reviews

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